Nvious Solutions

Nvious Solutions

Data Centric Security with

Exceptional Data-Centric Security

A Platform for end-to-end data security

Achieve regulatory compliance with regulations like POPIA, GDRP, CCPA, LGPD and HIPAA.

Identify and migitgate risk and discover where valuable and sensitive personal data is. Secure your sensitive data and information without disrupting your business processes and workflows.

Implement strong measures to protect data before it travels to your cloud ecosystem, enabling you to move rapidly toward cloud native agility.

It is a pleasure and privilege partnering with Nvious because successful partnerships are built with trust, reliability and competency.  Very knowledgeable in the field of data security and focussed on customer satisfaction, the ethos of the Nvious team aligns well with the core values of comforte.

Rosemarie Pringle-Smith, SVP Sales Africa, comforte.

Protecting your Data & Information

Our Data Centric Security Services

Discovery & Classification:

Discover ALL data without relying on incomplete knowledge of the existence or location of data. Using an intelligent and automated system that enables you to truly understand where your data resides!

Data protection:

Secure your enterprise data, independent of applications, databases and platforms, whether your data is at rest, in motion or in use. Take complete control of sensitive data, lower compliance costs and significantly lower the risk of data breaches.

Integration & Monitoring

A platform that integrates easily into your enterprise applications and cyber security infrastructure, giving you complete control of your data!

Comforte Products:

Why Nvious and comforte?

Nvious is an Accredited comforte Business Partner and the relationship is founded on collaboration and teamwork to leverage and enhance each other’s value proposition.

Comforte provide Data Security to 15 of the 25 largest banks globally which include FNB and ABSA, 3 of the 15 largest retailers globally, the 2 largest credit card processors

Providing our clients support with our extensive experience / engineers (L1 to L4). Which will also guide and assist our clients through the entire process.

Want to know more about Nvious and comforte solutions? give us a call on +27(0) 11 327 6344, or drop us an email at info@nvious.co.za .