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A Platform for Data Privacy Management

Transform your data management with Data Privacy Manager.

Streamline your resources by focusing on enhancing your existing IT systems while we ensure your personal data management is secure and POPIA/GDPR compliant. Allow your organization to concentrate on core business activities as Data Privacy Manager expertly handles all aspects of data privacy and protection. Enhance efficiency, compliance, and peace of mind with our comprehensive solutions.

Implement strong measures to protect data before it travels to your cloud ecosystem, enabling you to move rapidly toward cloud native agility.

‘Nvious is renowned for their professionalism and deep expertise in cybersecurity. By joining forces, we can offer an unparalleled suite of privacy and security solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses today.

– Marijan Bračić , CEO of Data Privacy Manager.

Cloud Platform for Privacy Management & Information

Our Data Privacy Products

Personal Data Discovery:

Automatically discover and classify personal data across your IT systems. Identify sensitive information swiftly to maintain compliance and secure data effectively!

Privacy Program Automation:

Streamline your privacy compliance efforts. Automate and manage privacy programs seamlessly, reducing manual workloads and ensuring consistent adherence to regulations.

Consent and Preference Management:

Efficiently manage customer consents and preferences. Centralize consent handling to enhance customer trust and ensure regulatory compliance.

Data Removal Orchestration:

Automate the process of personal data deletion. Ensure compliant and efficient data removal across your systems, minimizing risks and maintaining privacy standards.

Data Processing Inventory (ROPA):

Maintain a detailed inventory of data processing activities. Facilitate cooperation among departments and ensure a comprehensive view of data usage within your organization.

Assessment Automation:

Automate Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and Legitimate Interests Assessments (LIA). Ensure thorough and consistent assessments, enhancing your data protection strategies.

Data Privacy Management Implementation Approach:

State of Privacy Assessment (SOPA)

Before starting the DPM implementation, we will conduct a State-of-Privacy-Assessment (SOPA). The result of the SOPA audit will be a report on the maturity of the implementation of technical and organizational data protection security measures according to the NIST Privacy Framework methodology. The report is the basis for the implementation of DPM.

Data Mapping

Discover and classify structured and unstructured personal data across all systems.


  • Data Discovery
  • Data Inventory

Privacy Program Management

Manage all aspects of your privacy program, promote collaboration, and help your privacy team to be more efficient.


  • Data Processing Inventory
  • Assessment Automation
  • Risk Management
  • Third-party Management
  • DSR Management
  • Incedent Management
  • Filerskeepers Retention KB

Consent Mastering

Automate the collection of individual’s consents and preferences, and control downstream processing.


  • Consent Management
  • Privacy Portal


Data Removal

Automate the removal of personal data when you don’t have the business and legal justification for processing.


  • Data Removal
  • Data Flow
  • Filerskeepers Retention KB

Why Nvious and DPM?

Nvious is the Exclusive Partner for the South African & SADC region.

Data Privacy Manager is recognized by Gartner, Forrester and Quadrant in their Market guide. Forrester Wave, Tech now, and SPARK Matrix reports.

Designed to improve governance of personal data, centralize consents and preferences, automate compliance-related tasks, and minimize privacy compliance risks.

Innovative SaaS platform for privacy automation at scale.

Four modular Products designed to solve specific Privacy challenges.

We help clients control the processing of personal data.

More than 150+ customers in 30+ countries (Europe, USA, Africa).


Want to know more about Nvious and DPM solutions? give us a call on +27(0) 11 327 6344, or drop us an email at info@nvious.co.za .